1日5,000円(プリンスホテル宿泊者 4,500円)
Visitors       \5,000
Prince Hotel Guests  \4,500
1 day pass activities unlimited play!
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1 day AMICI以外はご予約を承っておりませんので、



If your own negligence causes damages to the facilities or you lost something you rent, you have to have liability and pay penalty for it.




We don't bear any liability for your injury through your own carelessness. 

Please dedicate to your safety.




Because of weather conditions or we need some maintenance, we may close activities.




You can start after you listen the explanations of the staff and sign agreements.




Activity in the nature might dirty your clothes with the sap of the tree.




Please follow our instructions in the area. If we judge your manner cause some risks or has troubled for other guests, we might dismiss your use.





Children under 6 years-old must be supervised by a parent or guardian.




Kids under 15 years-old must be supervised by their parents or guardians.

1 day AMICI以外はお子様のお預かりプランではございませんので、ご了承くださいませ。


We request you to supervise your kids during activities except "1 day AMICI".

●AMICI ADVENTURE KARUIZAWAは新型コロナウイルス感染予防対策を講じておりますが、感染のリスクをゼロにすることは困難であり、感染リスクがある事を承諾した上で、本施設の利用をお願いいたします。

We request you to understand that it is difficult to eliminate almost all of the risk of infection though we take precautionary measures against infectious diseases.  


We will not bear any responsibility for any risks including COVID-19.

●万が一本施設ご利用者に新型コロナウイルス感染が確認された場合、AMICI ADVENTURE KARUIZAWAは調査機関へお客様の情報を開示し、お客様へご連絡を差し上げます。

We will report a research organization and let you know as soon as possible in case a COVID-19 patient is found.

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