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Leave the daily hustle and bustle, let's enjoy our exciting activities like "Tree Trekking" at AMICI ADVENTURE KARUIZAWA in the great nature of Karuizawa! 

Activity pricing list 2024.png

We request you to register to use our activities and confirm the important notice via this website in advance.  Please click here for more details.

Rain or Shine.

*We may close it because of bad weather like lightning.

Small Children can try.

Tree Trekking is high place leisure facility. You cross some unbalanced place like ropes or bridges.  You will put on safety belts, so you can enjoy it safely.  Let's enjoy adventure in the sky!

Height 110cm, elementary school students or elder.

*We request you to wear gloves when you try tree trekking.  Please understand that you need to buy gloves if you don't have them with you(three types:¥500).

1round ¥3,500
(Prince Hotel Guests ¥3,000)
additional 1 round ¥1,000

The time required: Elementary course  30~50min.
Intermidiate course and advanced one   40~90min.

Please choose courses at first at our reception. 

We recommend the beginners course for the first timers.

You can apply an additional course after finishing the beginers one.

*Cash only if you apply other options.

Please wear comfortable clothes on the day.   We are sorry that we cannot allow you to wear flip-flops, strap-less sandals or high-heels during the tree trekking trial.

The time required will be changed by your pace of walking and it depends on other customers in a busy period.

Elementary Course

Elementary course has 15 stages.  You can learn how to use the tools and enjoy tree trekking.  Your safety is guaranteed by simple stable roller.  This course is not so high therefore you can enjoy nature in the forest.  Various items like ladder, balance balls, spider net, high wire and so on can amuse your experience.

Intermediate Course

Intermediate course has 19 stages.  This course is much higher than elementary course.  Some stages are over 6 meters, you can enjoy it with your skills and knowledge you learn in the elementary course.  Various items like suspension bridges, snowboard, 18 meters long hire wire and the amazing zip-line.

Advanced Course

Advanced course which is established in 2019 has 18 stages .  It is not hard at the early stages but from the middle stages, tough and high elements make you exhausted.  This extraordinary experience will be so exciting.
*Target age: 10 years-old or elder
*You can try this after finishing intermediate course.

Tree Trekking trial for primary school students shorter than 110cm and Preshool children.

Primary school students shorter than 110cm and preschool children can try tree trekking. 

We request you to understand these things below for their safety.

Guardians of infant need to accompany each kids.

Please tell us their accurate age and height to prepare an optimal harness for ensuring safety.

※We may measure the height in some cases.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Primer Course

Primer course has 8 stages.  Kids(4 years-old or elder) and  ​People who are afraid of heights can enjoy without worry.  Not so high but Authentic and shaky items will entertain you. 

1round ¥2,000
Accompanied by a Guardian  ¥1,000
additional 1 round ¥1,000

The time required: 10-15 minutes

Tree Trekking-English Guide

You can enjoy not only the standard sports like volleyball, basketball and badminton but uncommon ones like Mölkky or frescoball which is very popular in Brazil at this park. 
And there are some contents which kids can play like trampoline and Rody Farm.

​You can enjoy thse contents below as you want.

●Volley Ball
●Basket Ball
●Struck Out

●Fresco Ball

●Rody Farm

​●Slack Line

アンカー 1
SNAG GOLF-English Guide

SNAG golf means "Start New At Golf."  Using plastic clubs and soft balls, even littel kids can enjoy it easily.  Not only for first timers but people with experience,  you can have a blast and feel like becoming a professional golfer.

1round 9 holes ¥1,800
(Prince Hotel Guests ¥1,500)

The time required: about 

This activity includes rental of a full set of equipment.

1.  Launcher

     It is used to launch (full shot), pitch and chip the ball.

2.  Roller

     Like a putter, it is used to roll the ball on the “Short Stuff.”

3.  Ball

  Various colours

4.  Launch Pad

     All shots other than rolling (putting) are played off a small rubber mat and tee.

Disc Golf-English Guide

Disc golf is played much like golf except, instead of a ball and clubs, players use a flying disc.  Disc golf shares the same joys and frustrations as golf, whether it's sinking a long putt or hitting a tree halfway down the fairway. Unlike golf, disc golf is usually free to play in public parks and takes about half as long to complete a round. Disc golf is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, gender identity, and economic status, making it a great lifetime fitness activity.  Therefore it is very popular among the people of North Americans.

1round 9 holes ¥1,800
(Prince Hotel Guests ¥1,500)

The time required: about 

This activity includes rental flying disc.

Disc Golf courses in AMICI ADVENTURE KARUIZAWA are difficult but interesting because the most of courses are in the forest.

So you need to think which line you should throw and the precise control is required.

The courses are not long but we are sure that you can enjoy this amazing activity.

AMICI Passport
Visitors ¥6,000  
-1 day pass activities unlimited play!-
Prince Hotel Guests  \5,500

How to apply

amici adventure, karuizawa, registration

1.  Please register to use our activities and confirm the important notice via this website in advance.

Karuizawa, activity, amici adventure

2.  Please come directly to our reception(We are walk-in only) on the day.

*We request cusotmers who have not registered to do at first.


3.  Please tell us what kind of activity you want to do.  We will lead you in order.


4.  Please feel free to ask us if you want to try other activities.

アミーチアドベンチャー 軽井沢 プリンスホテルイースト アクティビティ 遊び 遊ぶ

Let's enjoy exciting activities in the nature!

Address:Karuizawa Prince Hotel East, Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 389-0193 Japan

*About 10 min. from Karuizawa Station

Business Period:27 Apr. - 6 May ▶everyday

7 May - 19 July ▶closed on weekdays

20 July - 2 Sep. ▶everyday

​3 Sep. - 14 Oct. ▶closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

*We will be open for business on 17 and 24 September.

Business Hours:9:00~17:00

Last Entry:16:00 *We may close at set of Sun.

Phone Number:+81-267-41-1750

*We are walk-in only.

*Kindly sign a waiver before use at the reception.​​

​payment methods:Credit Card(Visa, Master, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Union Pay), QR Code Payment(PayPay) Prepaid Transportation Cards(Kitaca, Suica, PASMO, TOICA, manaca, ICOCA, SUGOCA, nimoca, Hayakaken)

Operated by neve* Co. Ltd.

Good access from Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza!​  You can park your car at SKI CENTRE(Prince Snow Resort Karuizawa).

trip advisor→

Important Notice

If your own negligence causes damages to the facilities or you lost something you rent, you have to have liability and pay penalty for it.

We don't bear any liability for your injury through your own carelessness. 

Please dedicate to your safety.

Because of weather conditions or we need some maintenance, we may close activities.

You can start after you listen the explanations of the staff and sign agreements.

Activity in the nature might dirty your clothes with the sap of the tree.

Please follow our instructions in the area. If we judge your manner causes some risks or has troubled for other customers, we might dismiss your use.

Preschool children age must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

Kids under 15 years-old must be supervised by their parents or guardians.

We request you to supervise your kids during activities.

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